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Working in accordance with government guidelines, orders and samples continue to be despatched.
If you are having difficulty placing your order or need assistance, please email or call:
0845 309 6222 / +44 (0)28 3833 6333

Our prices are never beaten on like-for-like carpet tiles.
If the selected product is not in stock please give us a call on 0845 309 6222 as we have much more stock available.

Tiles can be made to order with any design or logo.
PLUS Get up to 15% EXTRA DISCOUNT for volume orders.

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  1. Harlequin Unique Vibrant Carpet Tiles

    Harlequin Unique Vibrant

     £1.00 Per Tile

    Temporarily Out of stock

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  2. T31 Clover Green Carpet Tiles Carpet Tiles

    T31 Clover Green Carpet Tiles

     £1.75 Per Tile

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  3. T33 Carbon Aqua Carpet Tiles

    T33 Carbon Aqua

     £1.85 Per Tile

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  4. Zetex Yukon Rib Gallium Carpet Tiles

    Zetex Yukon Rib Gallium

     £2.10 Per Tile

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  5. Zetex Enterprise Green Pastures Carpet Tiles

    Zetex Enterprise Green Pastures

     £2.45 Per Tile

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  1. Zetex Constellation 610 Cavan Carpet Tiles

    Zetex Constellation 610 Cavan

     £2.49 Per Tile

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  2. Zetex Ultraguard Green  Carpet Tiles

    Zetex Ultraguard Green

     £2.95 Per Tile

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  3. Zetex Elite Jade Blue Carpet Tiles

    Zetex Elite Jade Blue

     £3.48 Per Tile

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8 Item(s) Show per page
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