Cleaning Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tile cleaning is best carried as part of an overall planned maintenance scheme.

All cleaning chemicals should be used according to the manufacturer's instructions. Due care to the instructions on the label should be taken as compositions may vary.


The main methods of cleaning carpet tiles are:

Dry Powder Cleaning (Recommended)
A dry powder compound is impregnated with cleaning agent and sprinkled over the soiled area, then brushed into the carpet fibres, using a contra rotating brush machine. It is left in the carpet tiles for a minimum thirty minutes to absorb the soil before it is extracted, using the twin motor upright machine. The compound does not leave any sticky residues that attract new soiling and it requires little or no drying time. You must ensure that vacuuming is thorough as residual powder left in the carpet will cause the carpet to re-soil quickly. This type of cleaning is best suited to in-house cleaners and for cleaning traffic paths and soiled areas. It is not necessary to clean the complete carpet every time.

Cover Cleaning
A detergent solution is sprayed over the surface of the carpet tiles and also over a fabric cover until moist. The fabric cover is then placed on a rotating flat brush head and passed across the carpet tile surface. The rubbing action and the detergent solution together lift out much of the soiling, which is absorbed into the cover. The floor is dry within minutes, therefore, disruption is kept to a minimum. This method of carpet tile cleaning is best carried out by professional cleaners.

Deep Cleaning (Shampooing)
The carpet tile is brushed with a chemically active detergent solution, which loosens and lifts out soiling which has clung to fibres. Foam then causes the soil to rise to the surface of the carpet tiles. Brushing the tiles can be carried out by either using a cylindrical brush rotating on a horizontal axle, which is kinder to the pile and ideal therefore for cut pile carpet tiles, or by using a flat disc brush which is ideal for loop pile carpet tiles. It is vital that all residual chemical is removed as any chemical left in the carpet tile will cause the tiles to re-soil quickly. This method of cleaning carpet tiles is best carried out by professional cleaners.

Deep Cleaning (Injection/ Extraction)
A water jet is directed over the carpet tiles in order to dislodge soil and then vacuum the fluid away. The water can be warm or cold, with or without detergent (if used). This process achieves good results and will renovate the pile of the carpet tiles.
It is very important that the carpet tile is not over wet when using the deep cleansing process as this could cause irreparable damage to the carpet tile. This method of carpet tile cleaning is best carried out by professional cleaners.

These recommendations are suitable for most carpet tile installations. Adherence to these will, under most circumstances, result in good long term appearance retention. Carpet Tile Solutions Ltd will not be responsible for poor workmanship or problems created by improper maintenance. The manufacturer will be responsible, within the scope of the product specifications and warranties, for defective materials, but that does not include materials incorrectly or inadequately maintained. If these instructions do not cover a particular site condition, or if you require further information, please contact Carpet Tile Solutions Ltd.