Which Carpet Tiles are the best?

How To Select The Best Carpet Tiles At The Best Price

Choosing Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles are all manufactured in many different qualities and finishes and it is therefore vitally important to have all this information when choosing the correct carpet tiles. We have put together a basic guide outlining the fundamental points to consider when choosing your carpet tiles.

There are three main structures of carpet tiles;

1. Tufted Cut Pile Carpet Tiles
2. Tufted Loop Pile Carpet Tiles
3. Needle Punch Carpet Tiles

Tufted carpet tiles can be manufactured from Polypropylene or nylon yarn in either loop pile or cut pile construction.
Nylon yarn (pile weight of 500 – 1200 grams per m2) is best for this method of construction.

Loop pile polypropylene carpet tiles are not normally suitable for heavy use areas but are cheaper to manufacture and can be used in moderate to general use areas or domestic areas.

The quality of the carpet tile depends on the type of yarn, the structure and the pile weight. The thickness of the carpet tiles does not reflect on the quality or durability of the tile, but is generally only stated to allow for clearance for doors etc.

Needle Punch
Needle Punch carpet tiles are the cheapest method of manufacture and is mainly made from polypropylene yarn. Pile weight can range from 400gm2 to 1500gm2. This method of construction can give a rib nob or velour finish and is best structure when using polypropylene yarn.

All carpet tiles should have a European classification EN685 to show the suitability of use

Classification EN 985 carpet tiles
Symbol, Class and use
Using this guide, pick the class of carpet tile best suited to your area.
Then choose the colourway or design


Class 23 Domestic Heavy
Class 23 Carpet Tiles
Suitable for heavy domestic use
Class 31 Commercial Moderate
Class 31 Carpet Tiles
Suitable for moderate office use

Class 32 Commercial General
Class 32 Carpet Tiles
Suitable for general office use
Class 33 Commercial Heavy
Class 33 Carpet Tiles
Suitable for Heavy Duty office
with caster chair use

Caster Chair Ratings
Generally Class 23 Domestic rated carpet tiles are not suitable for use with caster chairs. Carpet tiles for use in an office, should have a caster chair rating, based on the following;

A. Castor chair continuous use
B. Castor chair occasional use

Do not be misled by the thickness of the backing or the term "Industrial Use".
An industrial use carpet tile would require a minimum of Class 31.

Carpet tile thickness is not directly related to quality or wear. Tile thickness is only stated for door clearance purposes, and is subject to manufacturer's tolerances.
The manufacturer reserves the right to amend or improve the specification of all products without prior notification.

Always look for the classification EN685 suitability of use. If this is not shown, then you can assume it has not been tested.

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