Ze-Tac Carpet Tile Tackifier

Ze-Tac Carpet Tile Tackifier

Ze-Tac Carpet Tile Tackifier

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Ze-Tac Carpet Tile Tackifier is a Carpet Tile Adhesive.

Ze-Tac Carpet Tile Tackifier (5L) is formulated to provide a permanently tacky film for the removable fixing of "loose lay" carpet tiles. This enables the tiles to be easily lifted and replaced when required. The adhesive is non staining, resistant to plasticiser migration and may be applied by either roller or brush.

Ze-Tac is recommended for installing carpet tiles with the following backing: PVC, PVC/Glass Fibre, Bitumen/Felt or non woven fabric, APP and other polymer backings including polyurethane and hessian.

Apply with either a roller or brush and allow to dry to a clear tacky film (approx 30 minutes) before laying the tiles. Drying time can vary due to room and floor temperatures, porosity of sub-floor and thickness of adhesive layer. Good airflow through the room will shorten waiting time. When laying on metal access floor panels care must be taken to ensure that the adhesive does not flow between panel joints. Please Note: Fitting tiles before the adhesive has dried to a clear film may result in permanent bonding.

Coverage: 50-75m2 per 5 litre tub (5 litres is enough for approximately 200-300 tiles) depending on application method and substrate.


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